Saturday, 25 October 2008

I'm not a boy, not yet a man~

I went to a shopping mall today and i do not know why my legs bring me to the toy department, and i saw lots of LEGO were on sell, and i bought one home with £3.59

the Fireman

I still like LEGO now a day, probably because my dad use LEGO to lure me in order to score well in the exam since I was 6...

For age from 5 to 10 is actually stated on the box (=.=''')


miss that old man in Malaysia...aiks

Think i'm going to use the same technique on my future daughter, so that she can be more creative and not train to be a professional Barbie doll dressing consultant.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Legendary Han Ping

Han Ping is my senior pharmacist aka my IMU Pharmacy Football teammate...very the skillful

And here is the 'special request' made from him...

Drew with pencil and coloured with calligraphy ink

Edited in Photoshop

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

2 hours trying to draw Berbatov (=.=)

Berbatov---Manchester United new player, very GENG!

Berba 1

Berba 2

At first thought of drawing Rio Ferdinand, but failed >.<

end up to draw Berbatov

By the way, I'm not MU fanzz..haha


Sunday, 19 October 2008

One hour Jay Chou Paint

While waiting to go out, I spent an hour with Jay chou~

a very talented Taiwanese singer...

Jay 1

Jay 2

Jay 3


Saturday, 18 October 2008

Study is not a nightmare but a sweet dream~4

This is how ancient chinese during Wong Fei Hung era study at night...
this is to ensure that they doesn't fall into sleep...

And Jet Li was the best Wong Fei Hung ever~ my idol when i'm 12
Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung

the real Wong Sifu

佛山无影脚, 经典 经典...

Friday, 17 October 2008

The moment SHE get her own camera


Thursday, 16 October 2008

Q and A (NEW)

How do you interpret this? (5 marks)

Below were the answer from all the candidates:

1. Gene said:
I know i know exposure to a protected heart =P
(sounds logically related to the picture)

2. faust said:
ahaha i imagine it as the iron heart is like a robot that protects the inner orangy heart..and the inner orangy heart is sorta like..operating this
(Mmmh...not bad not bad, but that orangy heart is actually a light bulb.haha)

3. gobi said:
this is like superman story when superman was send to earth in space ship but the only difference is this spaceship come from 'planet heart' where tiger's eat lolipops.the orange heart mission is to spread love and defeat the villans with power of love.
(Seems like earth is not really safe for you Gobi...hahaha...good one!)

4. "被诅咒的烂水瓶~" said:
(subtle gentleness...yea, part of it...I actually thought that you will crack me a joke here..hahaha..manatau so serious...)

5. Anonymous said:
firstly, i would like to say it is fun..hehe. let me c, iron shell, a heart inside....let me think...the shell is to protect the heart incase hurt by others. when it open to sbdy or sth, the shell open
(The first statement is true, but the second statement is false. I open it up just to visualize the inner part of the heart la actually...haha )
6. *Jac* said:
Transformer heart?
(I actually expected a gentleman would say that..hahaha)

7. Anonymous said:
i m simple..jz a small heart inside a big heart, haha!
(This is really simple...)

8.Anonymous said:
(sounds right....but i wish tat you elaborate more to support your point of view~ )

9.wolverine said:
sumone who looks tough but actually have a very fragile heart? haha
(scientifically speaking, everyone got a fragile heart..hahaha...but i like your view~)

10.julian said:
orange heart needs eletricity
(I think you are the only one notice that the orange heart is actually a light bulb, connected to a switch...hahahaha )
11. yieng said: pacemaker
(I will give you 100 marks for your interpretation on cardiac creative! )

Finally, Fish said:

--A pair of Hearts--
To me, When two hearts stick together in a drawing, it symbolized love, love between a couple. And their size are different, meaning that love given within couple is not always equal from each party and cannot be counted~

--The Metal Shell--
It was to visualized protection. The pink colour lining was actually some sort of cushion, symbolized gentleness. The heart is broken up, cuz couple do fight.

--Orange heart-shape-light-bulb--
It is a light bulb.hahaha..together with the hard-comfy shell, the light bulb is protected against adverse condition, and mean while the 'light bulb' in turn will generate light to warm the shell. Scientifically, Orange light produce more heat than white light.

so, my phylosophy is:

love within couples is a two way traffic,
generated and maintain by each other.
she/he might not know how much he/she appreciated,
but he/she will always know what he/she sacrified for.
And if you think your love is a one way ticket, try think about what you had done
before blaming each other.

In term of scientific thinking,

this looks more like a
gigantic-heart shape-solar powered-lamp


overall, this is the statistic of the candidates marks:

Thanks for participated everyone~~

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Glasgow weather

Dr. Mak once told us that 'women emotion is just like Melbourne's weather ', meaning unpredictable...

Think Glasgow's weather is more appropriate...

Day 1

Day 2

Because you might be experiencing 4 season in a day =P


Boy'z Group

(from left: Jason loo, Vincent, Chi Yuan, Gobi, Pick Chai, Nee Meng, Alvin Yuan, me, Chen Han, Wee Kee, Wei Ken )

Self declared group


Monday, 13 October 2008

Life = Eraser

We are all existed like an eraser...

Spending our whole life to correct ours and other mistake...
And we do LOST ourselves sometimes.


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Mr. Lee

Since my bro comment that i didn't put up his pic, so i'm hereby to show off my leng jai charming bro~


Study is not a nightmare but a sweet dream~ 3

IF you always get caught sleeping in the class, may be you can try this:

what you need to do is use the tape to stick a pair of paper eyes on your eye lid, and draw a smiley face on your face, and then you can have a sweet dream, good night~


Study is not a nightmare but a sweet dream~ 2

In order not to fall as sleep during lecture, toothpick is a very handy tool~

very effective, economic and environmental friendly. Thickness of the toothpick need to be considered critically...


Monday, 6 October 2008

Study is not a nightmare but a sweet dream~

This is what happen to everyone during the lecture of Pharmaceutical Care:

Who say study is a nightmare??? Thanks to this lecture so that I could fall into sleep within 3 seconds.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Capricorn and Scorpio